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The Process

  • Make sure you are a current AMA member.
  • Download and complete your membership application from the Docs section.
  • Contact the club to arrange to turn-in your application & pay your dues.
  • Please read the AMA and Club Rules.


Children of members fly free if they are under the age of 15.

Spouses of members fly free.

A current AMA Membership is required for all flying members.


Who We Are

The Evergreen Radio Modelers Association (AMA #647 ) is a group of hobbyists interested in all aspects of radio controlled model aircraft. We are builders, flyers, and socializers. Unlike some other clubs, membership is open to anyone interested in radio controlled model aircraft.

What We Do

We fly many different types of aircraft:

  • Scale, Warbirds, 3D, Gliders, Float Planes, Pylon Racers
  • Biplanes, Flying Wings, Combat, FPV
  • Helicopters: Scale and 3D
  • Quad-copters
  • Gas/Nitro/Electric

We have rules but we also have fun.
The rules are very straight-forward and easy to follow.


ERMA was founded by Don Saunders in 1961. At the time, the club was allowed to fly at Arlington airport. However, Arlington was no longer available as an RC flying field after 1966, so the fliers were forced to find sites wherever they could. In 1973 Bob Salyer purchased a flying site on Sunnyside, where Don Saunders flew until the 1980′s. He then met Ed Nimitz who owned property on Ebey Island, and Don and others helped him set it up as a flying site, installing the same industrial conveyor belt we used until installing the new runway in 2013.

Neil Knutson was instrumental in finding our Marysville field in 1987. When ERMA started club meetings in the Everett Public Library, it was not a charter club, so it had no club officers until 1967 when it became chartered by the Academy of Model Aircraft Don was the first president. Meetings were moved to the Cascade Bank on State Street, and then to the old Marysville Library, and finally moving to the new library building on Grove Street when it was opened.


The Field
11208 67th Ave NE
Arlington, WA 98223
9:00am - Dusk
Marysville Library
6120 Grove St
Marysville, WA 98270

The Field

  • Flight Stations
  • Work Tables
  • Heli Hover Area
  • Fabric Runway


AMA Documents

ERMA RC Club Documents

Club Rules

  • The flag is used to show that the people at the field are authorized members. It will be stored in the locked clubhouse, and will be raised as soon as members come to the field. That way the neighbors will know that those using the field are authorized club members.
  • We will keep NO TRESPASSING signs up at all times around the property.
  • We will post a list of club members, which will be displayed in the window of the clubhouse so that people flying there can be verified as ERMA members.
  • The gate will be locked and made secure when leaving to make sure that the combination is not left in the opening numbers.
  • We as club members, will police the field whenever necessary. In the event that there is a trespass or other violation, we will file a complaint with the appropriate police agency and cooperate with any prosecution, which arises.
  • Engine noise is a concern for the neighbors. We will not allow members to fly any airplanes that are in our sole opinion excessively noisy or offensive, even though technically we are not subject to noise limitations because we are considered aircraft. We will comply with AMA guidelines and do our best to voluntarily comply with noise guidelines of the County, although we are in agreement that they do not apply to us.
  • We will place a marker pole in the ditch area of the southeastern portion of the flying area to act as a visual reference for fliers. This will help fliers to stay within the eastern and southern boundary of the ERMA Field flying area.
  • Every flier with the club will practice and re-qualify for short field approaches. This is necessary to keep from going to far east on low final approaches.
  • We will try our best to keep the flying toward the west end of the flying site whenever possible.
  • We will not intentionally fly North of the runway, or over any buildings.
  • Our Safety Officer will review the above issues at our club meetings and we will also review any alleged violations and take appropriate action, at each monthly meeting.
  • As a neighborly gesture, we will not do any flying before 9:00 am for Gas and Glow models, 8:00 am for electrics.
  • All club members must also sign the logbook that is inside the clubhouse. It is an important document if problems ever arise.
  • A non-member may fly as a "guest" of another member a maximum of 2 times. The "guest" must be a current AMA member.
  • AMA mebership is not required for a person flying via "buddy-box."
  • All club members will adhere to the above concessions to the best of his or her ability, as we want to be good neighbors and respect those around our Model Park.
  • All members who are going to fly must have a current AMA Membership (Adult or Park Pilot ).


Everyone is welcome.

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